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  • 2014.10

‘1 Week Salad’ produces salad in a former electronics factory. The project, the first-stage concept for ‘Clean Room Farm’, our client’s plan to turn a former semi-conductor factory into a farm, reuses a sealed, bacteria-excluding ‘clean room’ to grow organic vegetables, cut them and package them for distribution. With its long-wave fluorescent light suitable for cultivating vegetables, an air-conditioning system that keeps the temperature and humidity at fixed levels, an infrared surveillance system that monitors growing conditions and a sanitizing system that sterilises packaging, all optimal for growing salad vegetables, salad production condenses client’s expertise and skill at semi-conductor manufacturing and condition control into a new product. This system allows client to guarantee delicious salad production year-round.The salad enjoys the great advantage of lasting in the refrigerator for nearly a week, since it has no contact with insects or bacteria. This is why we named the project ‘1 Week Salad’. To emphasise its natural freshness, we selected beverage containers ordinarily used for smoothies as the container, and designed internal paper packaging that riffs on the ‘best by date’ sticker found on all food products. Each of the 31 days uses different colours and typefaces for the stand-up numbers so that the products’ shelf experience is fresh and constantly changing. Each day’s salad is composed of different seasonings, too, to bring delight and variety to consumers. The cards’ text offers an introduction to the project, as well as a ‘thought for the day’ cleverly hidden away in their layout. Ultimately, we wanted to design a product that would target two characteristics not usually experienced in shops: long-life preservation and how safe supplies contribute to daily life.


1_WEEK_SALAD_06_akihiro_yoshida 1_WEEK_SALAD_07_akihiro_yoshida 1_WEEK_SALAD_08_akihiro_yoshida 1_WEEK_SALAD_09_akihiro_yoshida 1_WEEK_SALAD_10_akihiro_yoshida 1_WEEK_SALAD_11_akihiro_yoshida 1_WEEK_SALAD_12_akihiro_yoshida 1_WEEK_SALAD_13_akihiro_yoshida 1_WEEK_SALAD_14_akihiro_yoshida

Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida