ABC kitchen studio

sketch / image
  • Tokyo
    Cooking School
  • 2007.04
JCD Design Award / Special Mention
for ABC Cooking Studio

The “sister shop” to the ABC cooking studio, also in Tokyo, the ABC kitchen studio provides a number of highly specialized cooking services including instruction for advanced students, a delivery service for recipes and half-prepared meals, and food preparation facilities for catering, all in a small space. The kitchen space also has a salad bar, and can be rented for special occasions. The space includes ingenious storage for a wide variety of ingredients from which the user can choose freely, another innovative feature for a cooking school. We decided to reflect the kitchen’s lively atmosphere by randomly papering the walls and ceiling with sheets of 16 different wallpapers, all varying in colour and pattern. The sheets are reminiscent of a sample book, and serve as a visual metaphor for the variety of activities and services provided by the space.

099_abc_kitchen_sketchABC kitchen studio01 ABC kitchen studio02 ABC kitchen studio03 ABC kitchen studio04 ABC kitchen studio05

Photographer : by Daici Ano