sketch / image
  • 2006.08
Good Design Award / Award Winner

A brand development project for Lotte breath-freshening gum. We based the logo on Helvetica, a standard typeface, and put a shape in the centre of the “O” that could be either an open mouth or a drip to show a feeling of freshness expanding into the mouth. We consciously chose to avoid both all-too-common sizzle and overdone expression in the packaging. Instead, we used the placement of the graceful letterforms to suggest pharmaceutical functionality, and emphasized a brisk minty sensation and fresh breath by layering gradations of matte silver. We wanted a clear channel of communication, so the visual merchandising for stores and the advertising graphics were an extension of the packaging. This was our suggestion for a design to visually represent “flavour,” an invisible quality.

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Photographer : Masayuki Hayashi