airleaf mini

sketch / image
  • 2012.07
for Mikuni

An air purification device that attaches to the output vent of fans and air conditioners. The device is filled with tiny beads impregnated with essential oils extracted from fir trees. When air flows through the beads, it reduces and removes carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and restricts the production of radical oxygen. The device’s form recalls a new shoot sprouting from a small pot. Air purification increases as the ‘new shoot’ grows, allowing users to adjust it intuitively and providing a visual measure of air purification.

airleaf_sketchairleaf_mini02 airleaf_mini04 airleaf_mini05 airleaf_mini07 airleaf_mini08 airleaf_mini06 airleaf_mini09 airleaf_mini10

Photographer : Hiroshi Iwasaki