sketch / image
  • Aroma diffuser
  • 2008.11

The bottle design for aromamora, a line of essential oils blended specially for each season by aromatherapist Ohashi Maki. Until now, essential oil aficionados had to purchase both a bottle of their favourite oil and a diffuser to enjoy its fragrance. Our innovative design combines the functions of a bottle cap and a diffuser into one. The bottle cap is fabricated through powder sintering rapid prototyping technology for a porous structure that releases fragrance efficiently and effectively. Small batch manufacturing also allows us to change the design with the seasons too. With its base that recalls a magic pumpkin, a pot, a witch’s cauldron or a perfume bottle cap and accents reminiscent of a zipper, a key, or a drawer that seals something valuable, the bottle design allows aromamora’s unique world to unfold, one scented moment at a time.

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Photographer : Masayuki Hayashi