Camper Stores 3rd concept

sketch / image
  • 2015.03
for Camper

A retail space designed for Camper, the shoe company based in the Spanish island of Mallorca. Following the initial concept of “shoes that walk freely through the air” (Paris, San Francisco, Moscow and Osaka stores) and the subsequent concept of “warehouse-like white space occupied by neatly lined-up footwear” (New York and Madrid stores), the latest design is based on rolled paper-like structures to display the footwear. Taking what was originally a 2mm-thick resin flooring material and rolling it in a spiral manner has led to a self-supporting structure serving as a display platform, giving a sense that the shoes are balancing on the paper-likeobjects. In addition, the hidden LEDs fitted in the structure provide a diffused light from underneath the shoes, further enhancing the airy feel. The variation in not just height and size, but the curling of the structures as well, has created a display space that is visually rich, envelops the customer, and is characterised by three-dimensionality through the use of flat platforms and a partially “unravelling” bench. Taking a soft and thin flat material and giving it form: this is, also, the core idea behind the shoemaking process.

camper_3rd_sketchCamper_Stockholm01_officialCamper_Stockholm02_official Camper_Stockholm03_official Camper_Stockholm04_official Camper_Stockholm05_official Camper_Stockholm06_official Camper_Stockholm07_official Camper_Stockholm08_official Camper_Stockholm09_official Camper_Stockholm10_official Camper_Stockholm11_official Camper_Stockholm12_official Camper_Stockholm13_joakim_blockstrom Camper_Stockholm14_joakim_blockstrom Camper_Stockholm15_official Camper_Stockholm16_official Camper_Stockholm17_official Camper_Stockholm18_joakim_blockstrom Camper_Stockholm19_joakim_blockstrom

Collaborator : oni
Photos : Camper (01-12, 15-17 ), Joakim Blockstrom (13,14,18,19)