candy-wrapper collection

sketch / image
  • 2020.06
for CHJ

Traditional Chinese “Filigree” craft is said to have existed for Millennia.The intricate art form consisting out of gold and silver stretches the metal to delicate 0.2mm-0.6mm strands that are then meticulously woven together into detailed lace like objects.

Using the Filigree process the studio was asked to design a jewellery collection that would appeal to a younger clientele. The first step was to deconstruct and re-concieve each component. The stone was no longer set into the filigree but placed inside, captured but still free to move. This stone was imagined as a small candy and the filigree the wrapping paper. The illustrative design concept expresses a tension between contrasting ideas such as traditional craft vs. mass-production, luxury vs. casual, and instant consumption vs. family heirlooms that are passed through generations.

The collection offers three types of “wrapped candies”: a necklace, a bracelet and a set of earrings, and four types of “lollipops” with the addition of a ring. The packaging and gift bags were designed with a graphic pattern made of motifs commonly used on cheap candy wrappings, however their embossed metallic finish further enhance the duality of luxury design and everyday objects.

Collaborator : shr (product) / nsz (graphic)
Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida