sketch / image
  • 2015.09
for TAG Heuer

A collaboration with TAG Heuer, the world-renowned Swiss watch brand known for their high-quality sports watches. The model is based on the CARRERA, which is one of TAG Heuer’s boldest and sportiest models. The face, case, and armband have been kept completely unchanged, while the clock hands have taken on a more classical shape. It conjures up an image of having gone to a local traditional watchmaker to get a chronograph watch repaired, only to find that the elderly proprietor has put on a pair of clock hands from a vintage watch by mistake; a design born from a single ‘error’ or ‘wrong feature’ , reinventing itself to create a new kind of ‘right answer’. To accentuate the sense of incongruity and strangeness in this watch, the packaging takes its motif from an old book, revealing when opened a red bookmark and paper knife in the shape of a classical clock hand together with the watch. The watch also comes with a glass clock stand, individually handcrafted from an antique jar. The shop displays of this watch feature the aforementioned products and packaging, together with a range of tools and trinkets reminiscent of an old watchmaker’s workshop scattered around. Above this layout is a mass of conventional silver clock hands dangling in mid air, with just a single red classical clock hand floating and standing out in their midst.

CARRERA_TIMEMACHINE_sketchCARRERA_TIMEMACHINE01_hiroshi_iwasaki CARRERA_TIMEMACHINE02_hiroshi_iwasaki CARRERA_TIMEMACHINE03_hiroshi_iwasaki CARRERA_TIMEMACHINE04_hiroshi_iwasaki CARRERA_TIMEMACHINE05_hiroshi_iwasaki CARRERA_TIMEMACHINE06_akihiro_yoshida CARRERA_TIMEMACHINE07_akihiro_yoshida CARRERA_TIMEMACHINE08_akihiro_yoshida CARRERA_TIMEMACHINE09_akihiro_yoshida CARRERA_TIMEMACHINE10_akihiro_yoshida CARRERA_TIMEMACHINE11_akihiro_yoshida CARRERA_TIMEMACHINE12_akihiro_yoshida CARRERA_TIMEMACHINE13_akihiro_yoshida CARRERA_TIMEMACHINE14_akihiro_yoshida CARRERA_TIMEMACHINE15_akihiro_yoshida CARRERA_TIMEMACHINE16_akihiro_yoshida CARRERA_TIMEMACHINE17_akihiro_yoshida CARRERA_TIMEMACHINE18_akihiro_yoshida

Collaborator : hnm
Photographer : Hiroshi Iwasaki(01-05)
Akihiro Yoshida(06-18)