sketch / image
  • Beijing
  • 2011.12

CATALOG is a Hong Kong-based sports fashion wear select shop with an emphasis on sneakers. The Beijing store is their first foray into China. The company’s name, CATALOG, reflects its philosophy: treating brands with different outlooks equally, and actively suggesting ways of coordinating items from different brands to its customers. We wanted to recreate the specificity and attraction of a catalogue in our store design. A store’s ‘face’ is its windows. We ‘copy-pasted’ the store window over and over again, creating a spatial experience similar to flicking through the pages of a catalogue. The entire store becomes a series of show windows, and every item is in the spotlight.

234_Catalog_beijing_sketchcatalog beijing03catalog beijing02catalog beijing04catalog beijing06 catalog beijing07 catalog beijing09 catalog beijing10 catalog beijing11

Photographer : Daici Ano