chair garden

  • Galleria Jannone
  • 2010.04
for Milan Design Week

A stool grows a backrest, and becomes a chair. When an armrest sprouts from it, it is an armchair. The stool grows sideways, and becomes a bench, or lengthwise and becomes a lounge chair, or even a bed. If we can see a piece of furniture’s function changes as it grows and matures over time, we may find new clues, even a way to design form naturally. This installation explores ways of determining form based not on function or a modular system derived from the proportions of the human body, but on ‘furniture that grows’.

180_chair_garden_sketchchair_garden01chair_garden02chair_garden03chair_garden07chair_garden22chair_garden08chair_garden20chair_garden11chair_garden14chair_garden21chair_garden23chair garden_skech+-01

Photographer : Masayuki Hayashi