chocolatexture lounge

sketch / image
  • 2015.01

A limited-time-only chocolate lounge designed in time for the awarding ceremony of “Designer of the Year Masion et Objet 2015”, an interior goods/decoration international trade show taking place in Paris biannually. 400 “chocolatexture” chocolate sets designed for this purpose are to be on sale for a limited time, and in order to allow on-the-spot tasting, several pieces of furniture announced in the past by nendo which had a “soft melting feel” were selected from across companies such as Cappellini, Desalto, Glas Italia, Emeco, Offecct, and Moroso which were custom-coloured to resemble chocolate and were placed inside the lounge. The lounge area is surrounded by a forest of 2,000 8mm-thick aluminium pipes, each of which is carefully painted at the appropriate height in chocolate-coloured gradations, creating the feeling of one being surrounded by “a rippling large molten chocolate wave”.
The chocolatexture lounge is neither a café, nor an exhibition, nor an installation, but a place to experience and enjoy nendo through the five senses.

chocolatexture_lounge_sketchchocolatexture_lounge01_joakim_blockstromchocolatexture_lounge02_joakim_blockstrom chocolatexture_lounge03_joakim_blockstrom chocolatexture_lounge04_joakim_blockstrom chocolatexture_lounge05_joakim_blockstrom chocolatexture_lounge06_joakim_blockstrom chocolatexture_lounge07_joakim_blockstrom chocolatexture_lounge08_joakim_blockstrom chocolatexture_lounge09_joakim_blockstrom chocolatexture_lounge10_joakim_blockstrom chocolatexture_lounge11_joakim_blockstrom chocolatexture_lounge12_joakim_blockstrom chocolatexture_lounge13_joakim_blockstrom chocolatexture_lounge14_joakim_blockstrom chocolatexture_lounge15_joakim_blockstrom


Collaborator : oni
Photographer : Joakim Blockstrom