sketch / image
  • 2018.09
for Taiko Pharmaceutical

A brand renewal project for a virus removal and disinfection product. Using chlorine dioxide molecules, “cleverin” removes viruses and bacteria floating in the air. Although the product existed as the market leader in Japan for a long time, research has shown that its function and use has not been clear enough for the customer.

One problem to be solved was that once you started using it, it was hard to tell when the product should be replaced. This often resulted in the purchaser using the product even after the effect had diminished or stopped. The first step was to work on the packaging, the initial touchpoint of the product. So as not to confuse the existing customers, the color combination of the blue colour scheme was maintained, enabling recognition and familiarity for the customer.

As to enhance the visibility in the stores, the gradation on the package has been redesigned to circles with 3 different colour tones. With the same intention, the product name was designated in Japanese Katakana, which was formerly in English, and the information was arranged in the order of “Brand Name -> Product Classification -> Function -> Capacity / Quantity -> Company Name” so that the information with higher priority can be found easily from the top to bottom.

To reduce purchasing mistakes, the colour on top of the packaging was varied according to the classification – “light blue” was used for the standing type and “emerald green” was used for the stick type. The logo mark “C” which looks as if the letter is biting the virus, has also been emphasized and placed on the top left section, which will enable brand recognition in the future when there is not much space to list the product name.

The information previously on the product itself were removed, so that the product will not disturb the surroundings. A new “dedicated case” was developed for customizing the colour and pattern, with a rotating dial that indicates the expiration date. The dial is easy to set, and aims to increase the opportunity for users to replace the product appropriately.