colourful shadows@tokyo

sketch / image
  • 2015.09
for GYRE

A touring exhibition of the “colourful shadows” presented at the EXPO Milano 2015 Japan Pavilion, held at the “EYE OF GYRE” art gallery in Omotesando, Tokyo. The rooms were subtly connected by inviting the visitors through a 200mm wide, 33m long elongated display table, since the gallery space was of a rather complex arrangement being segmented into small spaces. The tabletops were given a thickness of 3mm to emphasize the floating feeling of the display table. Likewise the legs, being kept to a minimal number, will hold up on their own as much as possible by leaning at just 2 points, against the wall and pillars in the gallery.

colourful_shadows@tokyo01_masaya_yoshimura colourful_shadows@tokyo02_masaya_yoshimura colourful_shadows@tokyo03_masaya_yoshimura colourful_shadows@tokyo04_masaya_yoshimura colourful_shadows@tokyo05_masaya_yoshimura colourful_shadows@tokyo06_masaya_yoshimura colourful_shadows@tokyo07_masaya_yoshimura colourful_shadows@tokyo08_masaya_yoshimura colourful_shadows@tokyo09_masaya_yoshimura colourful_shadows@tokyo10_masaya_yoshimura colourful_shadows@tokyo11_masaya_yoshimura colourful_shadows@tokyo12_masaya_yoshimura colourful_shadows@tokyo13_masaya_yoshimura colourful_shadows@tokyo14_masaya_yoshimura colourful_shadows@tokyo15_masaya_yoshimura colourful_shadows@tokyo16_masaya_yoshimura

Collaborator : nrs
Photographer : Masaya Yoshimura