sketch / image
  • 2017.09
for Christofle

A collection designed for Christofle, a French silverware manufacture established in 1830.
First, a floral pattern was created, with petals being connected one by one in order to express a branch with cherry blossoms in full bloom, resembling a star constellation in the night sky that weaves various stories by connecting numerous dots with a line.
Silver finishing, for which Christofle is distinctly renown, was used as the main material and combined with other materials such as glass and lacquer ware. The traditional colours of Japan such as cherry blossom pink, greenish brown – resembling tender green tea, and indigo blue were incorporated together with the floral pattern. The packaging of the two types of candles and glass containers feature the same pattern.
A single silver petal was dropped onto the wax, with a view to duplicate the scene of a falling petal settling in a sake cup while viewing cherry blossoms. Furthermore, by hooking a silver clip, cut out into a floral pattern, the impression that the hand-blown glass vase is seemingly adorned with a necklace is achieved.
The collection was named “constellation” after the cherry blossom design using constellations as a motif and to express the “connection” of people to people through gifting.

Collaborator : syk
Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida