cubic pet goods

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  • 2016.0.3
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The majority of pet products for dogs are roundish and cute. However, they aren’t often suited to interior spaces with walls, floors, ceilings, windows and furniture designed mostly in a linear manner. With this issue in mind, pet products are designed with a variety of functions, emphasising compatibility with interior elements.

01. toy

A soft toy for dogs in a geometric shape. The toy is a cube shape when folded, but it can make other intricate shapes when unfolded. Each piece of the toy has its own bell inside, which makes a different tinkling sound from the others when played with by the dog.

02. house

A dog house in the shape of a cube consists of two pieces, an upper part and a lower part, which are connected via a zip fastener. When the upper part is squashed down, the dog house can be used as a bed. The house comes in four colours, two of which can be combined.

03. food bowl

A square shaped food bowl with contour lines embossed inside. The lines can be used to easily check the amount of food or water the dog has. The bowl comes in three sizes so that they can be matched to different sized dogs. Usually, food bowls for pets don’t blend in well with the surroundings in a room or on a balcony. So plant pots in similar shapes are also available to be used in combination with the food bowl, to make the bowl blend in better with the surrounding space.

04. ball

A toy ball with a number of square holes in it. When a snack is placed in the holes, dogs can have fun with the ball trying to get the snack out.

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Collaborator : fna
Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida