sketch / image
  • 2015.04

A perfume bottle especially designed for the fragrance themed group exhibition to be held in “Orto Botanico Brera”, the historical Botanical Garden, located in the old city quarter of the Brera district in central Milan. The participating designers were each given a task to redesign a product of a perfume brand that no longer exists today.
We were asked to undertake the perfume named Fandango by Koehler , which gained popularity in Russia in the 19th century. However apart from the image of the perfume bottle, hardly any information on neither the fragrance nor the background to the product was available. So we decided to determine the outline of the perfume bottle and express its silhouette with the tube inside. The tubes come in two types, one is a gradation of cold colours and the other is a gradation of warm colours. The perfume bottles were respectively named “Fandango -12.3 ºC” and “Fandango +23.1 ºC”, to suggest the average temperatures of the winters and summers in Moscow where Koehler used to be. These two colours of the temperatures also represent the cool, fresh scent of the winters and the warm, passionate scent of the summers.

fandango_sketch Fandango01_kenichi_sonehara Fandango02_kenichi_sonehara Fandango03_kenichi_sonehara Fandango04_kenichi_sonehara Fandango05_kenichi_sonehara Fandango06_kenichi_sonehara Fandango07_kenichi_sonehara Fandango08_kenichi_sonehara Fandango09_kenichi_soneharaFandango10_kenichi_sonehara Fandango11_kenichi_sonehara Fandango12_kenichi_sonehara Fandango13_kenichi_sonehara Fandango14_kenichi_sonehara Fandango15_kenichi_sonehara Fandango16_kenichi_sonehara

Collaborator : umh
Photographer : Kenichi Sonehara