sketch / image
  • 2020.04
for BGBT

Design for an online beauty service integrating cream and a beauty device. By touching the device to one’s face, the user can effortlessly perform a skin analysis; thereafter, facial cream prescribed based on the data is delivered to their doorstep. After applying the cream, the device comes into play again to perform LED light radiation on the skin for treatment effect. Here again, the earlier results of the analysis personalize the device to the optimal mode. The cycle of analysis > cream prescription > personalized care > re-analysis ensures a service model optimized for timely care for daily changing skin, via a business model combining the IoT, self-check system, and subscription system.
The system is named FLES, a reflection of it virtually holding up a mirror to changes in the user’s self. Inspired by LED skincare, a logo was devised with a ray of light represented by a diagonal line at the center, which separates the letters mirrored across the way. Viewed straight on, the disc-shaped device looks to be a perfect circle, as do the cream bottles when viewed from above. The device was designed with concaves at the center of the body to better fit in the user’s hand, and another concave was applied on the top of the cream bottle cap to match. Both are finished in a dewy matte black and accented with the logo’s diagonal line, the seeming ray of light and bronze mirror. It was intended to reinforce the bronze mirror motif on packages delivered to the user’s home, main graphics, and communication tools, making it an inclusive figure featured on every touchpoint.

Collaborator : umh, shr, hnm
Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida(3-17),Yoshitatsu Ebisawa(18-22)