sketch / image
  • 2015.04
for Glas Italia

3 types of cabinet made entirely by glass, with multiple hanging flaps in the front, middle and back.
Since the tones of each hanging flap made of coloured glass are subtly different, and they can slide to the left or right, various hues emerge depending on how the flaps overlap. This coloured glass technique which involves inserting coloured films between two sheets of glass, and applying heat to them is the expertise of Glas Italia. A wide range of hues can be expressed by layering several colour films. However since the hue changes in accordance with which sequence the films are
layered in, and the colour tone varies with heating, it has involved a considerable amount of trial and error.

layers_sketch layers01_kenichi_sonehara layers02_kenichi_sonehara layers03_kenichi_sonehara layers04_kenichi_sonehara layers05_kenichi_sonehara layers06_kenichi_sonehara layers07_kenichi_sonehara layers08_kenichi_sonehara layers09_kenichi_sonehara layers10_kenichi_sonehara

Collaborator : mor, stv
Photographer : Kenichi Sonehara