• Osaka
  • 2005.07
for Suntory Museum Tempozan

Japanese television cartoon Mobile Suit Gundam first broadcast in 1979, and immediately gained a strong following particularly among boys. We designed the exhibition space for a group show of work by Japanese artists that paid homage to Gundam’s influence on popular culture. In the TV show, whenever Gundam moved sideways, he left a trail of stripes behind. We decided to use these stripes as our motif, and used them on everything from exhibition graphics like posters and signage to products sold at the exhibition’s gift shop and the gift shop and entrance space themselves. We wanted to make the show interesting not only for the show’s fans, but also for other viewers who may have felt less of a connection to the TV series. Turning each of the mobile suits into stripes softened the show’s hard-edged mechanical feel, bringing out the depth of the story, but also preserving its strength and individuality. The simple but beautiful stripe asked visitors to recall Gundam’s never-ending story, and reminded them that its themes still resonate today.

t_gundam_photo0gundam_01 gundam_02 gundam_03 gundam_04 gundam_05 gundam_06 gundam_07 gundam_08 gundam_09 gundam_10t_gundam_photo03t_gundam_photo02 t_gundam_photo05 t_gundam_photo04