sketch / image
  • 2019.07

Hibiya, located in Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, is a large business center in Tokyo where major corporations and many government institutions are located. Situated within, Hibiya Park was cultivated as Japan’s first modern western style park. The park’s outdoor theatres have hosted numerous world-renowned musicians and have always been at the center of Japan’s modern music scene. This very first outdoor music festival was founded by acclaimed producer Seiji Kameda as a free-of-charge event where anyone can participate to enjoy the music.

Hibiya Music Festival spreads across the entire park and takes advantage of its diverse facilities such as the library, the theaters and its green open spaces, integrating concerts with workshops and educational programs. Since the festival takes advantage of the abundant charms of the park, the logo was designed to represent its aerial view, with the colors of each fountain, pond and flowerbed placed within the logo and located in their corresponding position. Posters and signage were designed as if people are spending their time around and above the logo just like a park, and the web site was created to swipe the screen from the left to the right just like taking a walk in the park.

A dedicated app was also developed where users can “collect” sounds of various instruments “hiding” around the park. When all the sounds are collected, they create together one melody, encouraging the visitors to discover new attractions in Hibiya Park. The consumption of music has completely changed in the past decade. Today we can download and listen to music anytime and anywhere. Therefore, placing additional value to music which can only be heard during one moment and in one place was expected from this festival and the dedicated app.

Collaborator : sus, nsz, kaw, mit, DeNA, Seiji Kameda
Photographer : Daisuke Yoshinari(7-9,13,14), Takumi Ota(11,15-21)