sketch / image
  • 2015.10
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A glass looking as if it contains chilled water, by sandblasting and frosting its exterior and then using silk printing to add a transparent “dew-drop” pattern. The series includes four types of glasses – from tumblers to rocks glasses –each coming in three different types with different gradation levels, according to their level of frosting.

hie-hie_sketch hie-hie01_akihiro_yoshida hie-hie02_akihiro_yoshida hie-hie03_akihiro_yoshida hie-hie04_akihiro_yoshida hie-hie05_akihiro_yoshida hie-hie06_akihiro_yoshida hie-hie07_akihiro_yoshida

collaborator : fna
photographer : Akihiro Yoshida