Hilltop Hotel Patisserie

sketch / image
  • 2020.09
for Hilltop Hotel

The Hilltop Hotel opened in Ochanomizu, Tokyo, one year after its renovation from the barracks the US Armed Forces returned in 1953.
Having only thirty-five guest rooms in fact enables a degree of uniquely diligent service that many have come to know and savor.
The hotel is widely known for having lodged prominent literary figures such as Yasunari Kawabata and Yukio Mishima.
It was decided that Hilltop Hotel’s original confectioneries would be repackaged in tandem with its reopen after remodeling, and rather than having separate package designs for each product, all confectioneries would be packaged under the loose motif of a writer’s study.

Baked goods like financiers and madeleines are packaged in a box the size of a paperback book and designed as if they just peek out from behind a seeming book cover.
Each strip of paper looped around books is given a different number and color to visually distinguish the package’s contents by its spine when displayed on a bookshelf.
Chocolates are packaged in steel cases for coloured pencils or in jars evocative of ink wells.
The assortment box for cookies and other items has an index window so that it can be used as a “file box” for documents.
Additionally, the wrapping paper used for cakes and other no-bake sweets is patterned like Japanese manuscript paper, and the design of the corresponding paper bag includes an envelope’s button and string closure.

In line with the motif of a writer’s study, all items are packaged in a coordinated manner in brown, cream, and calming tones, harmonizing with the worldview of Hilltop Hotel while also paying homage to the literary folk who delighted in it.

Collaborator : tku
Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida