• 2012.12
for Elle Decor Japan

The design for an exhibition of nominees in Japan for the ELLE DECOR International Design Award. Rather than separating the nominee for each of the 13 different sections by using stands and walls,we used 60 cut-out panels in the shape of people to create ‘walls of people’ that subtly organize the space. The places where ‘people’ are gathered become exhibition areas, and the areas without ‘people’ are naturally defined as passageways. The ‘walls of people’ make the works on display difficult to see from a distance, inviting visitors to the exhibition to come in closer and view the works over each other’s shoulders. A design that invites surprise and curiosity like a sidewalk performance.

hitogaki_sketchhitogaki_edida2012_tokyo02 hitogaki_edida2012_tokyo03 hitogaki_edida2012_tokyo05 hitogaki_edida2012_tokyo06hitogaki_edida2012_tokyo09 hitogaki_edida2012_tokyo10 hitogaki_edida2012_tokyo12hitogaki_edida2012_tokyo13hitogaki_edida2012_tokyo01

Photographer : Masaya Yoshimura