innerblow table

sketch / image
  • 2012.01

A collection inspired by the way professional glassblowers draw a lump of molten glass onto the tip of a metal pipe and create form by expanding the glass with their breath, blown down the metal. After expanding the glass in a square metal form, we left the glass in place rather than removing it and flipped over the form to create a table. The metal form becomes the table’s legs and the glass, flattened through pressure against the floor, its flat top. Each of the five tables is different. We raised one metal form during blowing to create an edge that swells over like a loaf of bread. Another table was created by several glassblowers blowing into one form simultaneously.

239_innerblow_collection_sketch1239_innerblow_collection_sketch2innerblow_all innerblow_table01_a innerblow_table01_b innerblow_table01_c innerblow_table01_dinnerblow_table01_h innerblow_table02_a innerblow_table02_b innerblow_table02_d innerblow_table02_f innerblow_table02_g innerblow_table03_a innerblow_table03_b innerblow_table03_c innerblow_table03_e innerblow_table04_a innerblow_table04_b innerblow_table04_d innerblow_table04_f innerblow_table04_h innerblow_table05_a innerblow_table05_binnerblow_table05_e innerblow_table05_f innerblow_table05_h

Photographer : Hiroshi Iwasaki