lid-container / lid-vase

sketch / image
  • 2013.10
for Urushi Kobo Oshima by | n meister

A series of bud vases and small containers, created using traditional Yamanaka lacquer techniques by Urushi Kobo Oshima, a highly-respected lacquer workshop founded in 1909. We dramatically enlarged the lid of the traditional Japanese lacquerware soup bowl, as though it had entirely covered the bowl. By playing with familiar expectations for the object’s scale, we changed the relationship between its parts and emphasised the small moment of delight that comes from taking off a lid.

lid-collection_sketch lid-container_vase01_akihiro_yoshida lid-container_vase02_akihiro_yoshida lid-container_vase03_akihiro_yoshida lid-container_vase04_akihiro_yoshida lid-container_vase05_akihiro_yoshida lid-container_vase06_akihiro_yoshida lid-container_vase07_akihiro_yoshida lid-container_vase08_akihiro_yoshida lid-container_vase09_akihiro_yoshida lid-container_vase10_akihiro_yoshida lid-container_vase11_akihiro_yoshida lid-container_vase12_akihiro_yoshida lid-container_vase13_akihiro_yoshida lid-container_vase14_akihiro_yoshida lid-container_vase15_akihiro_yoshida lid-container_vase16_akihiro_yoshida

Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida