light & shadow

sketch / image
  • 2016.04
for Marsotto edizioni

A design for Marsotto edizioni’s exhibition space held at the “Spazio Bigli“ during the Milan Design Week 2016.
First, attention was paid to the fact that that the company specializes in marble furniture, and that all of their products were made from a single material in either “black” or “white”, without combining any other materials.Then, in order to utilize the rather unsightly regularly spaced pillars and the spatial feature of the entrance being in the middle of the space, it was decided that the exhibition space would be divided right and left using “black” and “white”. Furniture was arranged in a complete symmetrical manner in each space, so that as soon as one enters the room they are standing right at the boundary of the spaces.
A visual effect was created as though the spaces were reflecting each other like a mirror, along with the pillars that were rhythmically arranged.light&shadow_sketchlight&shadow01_takumi_ota light&shadow02_takumi_ota light&shadow03_takumi_ota light&shadow04_takumi_ota light&shadow05_takumi_ota light&shadow06_takumi_ota light&shadow07_takumi_ota light&shadow08_takumi_ota light&shadow09_takumi_ota light&shadow10_takumi_ota light&shadow11_takumi_ota light&shadow12_takumi_ota light&shadow13_takumi_ota

Photographer : Takumi Ota