sketch / image
  • 2016.04
for Marsotto edizioni

A side table designed Marsotto edizioni an Italian brand specialising in marble furniture. The “weight” of marble is often perceived as a negative factor, but this element has been actively exploited, resulting in the creation of a table that is tilted to one side. The table is precisely stable due to the weight of the leg section and its appearance of instability in turn provides a new expression of “agility” to the marble.nod_sketch nod01_akihiro_yoshida nod02_akihiro_yoshida nod03_akihiro_yoshida nod04_akihiro_yoshida nod05_akihiro_yoshida nod06_akihiro_yoshida nod07_akihiro_yoshida nod08_akihiro_yoshida nod09_akihiro_yoshida nod10_akihiro_yoshida

Collaborator : nrs, syk
Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida