sketch / image
  • 2016.01
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A cushion made of multiple types of fabric sewn together in patchwork style. Two sections of the fabric each provide a pair of slots that can be used to secure a smartphone or tablet PC. This makes it easy to view the screen while relaxing on the sofa or bed, or if sitting up the cushion can be placed on one’s lap to make using the tablet keyboard more comfortable. Being a cushion, it also serves to protect the devices. When using it as a normal cushion, the device slots are obscured by the patchwork design. It’s a cushion appropriate for our modern lifestyle, where the use of mobile devices is becoming more common than that of TVs or computers to access information.

mobile_cushion_sketch mobile_cushion01_akihiro_yoshida mobile_cushion02_akihiro_yoshida mobile_cushion03_akihiro_yoshida mobile_cushion04_akihiro_yoshida mobile_cushion05_akihiro_yoshida mobile_cushion06_akihiro_yoshida mobile_cushion07_akihiro_yoshida mobile_cushion08_akihiro_yoshida mobile_cushion09_akihiro_yoshida mobile_cushion10_akihiro_yoshida mobile_cushion11_akihiro_yoshida mobile_cushion12_akihiro_yoshida mobile_cushion13_akihiro_yoshida mobile_cushion14_akihiro_yoshida

Collaborator : fna, stv
Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida