natto mark

sketch / image
  • 2017.09
for Kikusui Food

A project to support award winning natto manufacturer Kikusui Food of Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan, to launch their new brand.

“Natto”, is a traditional food popular among Japanese people, made from fermented soybeans. What makes Kikusui Food’s natto production unique is that their experienced craftsmen have a strong obsession in the selection process of domestically grown soybeans, and types of bacillus.Another particularly interesting feature of this natto is that many factors including fermentation time, room temperature, the environment and so on are adjusted depending on the type of soybeans to heighten the taste.

In order to differentiate the product from commonly sold natto, a higher quality product was developed and a specialized brand for online sales has been created. Since this is a product only available online, the brand name, “natto mark”, was taken from the familiar “@” symbol (pronounced as ‘atto-mark’ in Japanese) used in internet e-mail addresses and “a” was replaced with the “n” from “natto”. Further, by partly connecting the end of the letter in the product name, an image of the sticky strings of natto being drawn out is created. To make a clear distinction from generally available natto, there are four kinds of natto with different types of beans to show the manufacturer’s special attention to the ingredients. 

As to create a unique home delivery experience, natto will be sent in a special gift box. Instead of adding a brochure, product features and production methods were printed on the wrapping paper, so that the recipient can intuitively read the explanations while unwrapping the package. 

Collaborator : hnm, kaw, nsz
Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida