sketch / image
  • 2017.09
for Nature's Way

A renewal project to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the organic cosmetic brand “naturaglacé”.
The brand value lies in raw materials which are of 100% natural origin. The products are manufactured in Japan, are safe to use, and are gentle enough even for a baby’s skin. However, there was an issue that those strengths and characteristics were vague.

11 colors found in nature related to the raw materials in the products are used to communicate their value. Brush patterns of these colors were randomly applied to the packaging, and by modifying the size and layout of the patterns, each package has a unique expression.

There are 10 patterns of the color palette, to distinguish the different categories of products. Warm gray with a matte finish was chosen as the base colour of the containers, to avoid halation of the soft colours on the outer box. Compact cases for foundation and colour items in the series have a slightly hollowed indent on the edge, evoking the image of a painter’s palette with a dent to hook the fingers. In this way, by borrowing nature’s gifts and applying them on yourself as if a watercolor artist would paint a canvas, a design about the pleasure of applying makeup was accomplished.

Collaborator : mnd, Nippon Design Center Irobe Design Institute
Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida (01-17,21), Kei Iwasaki (Nippon Design Center, Inc.) (18-20)