sketch / image
  • Berlin
  • 2006.11
for FSB

A project submitted for the Handle Couples Project in Berlin.
The exhibition, sponsored by door handle maker FSB, called for designs that question the usual assumption that the handles used on either side of a door must be the same. Designers were asked to propose two unique handles whose differences combine to create a perfect “couple”.
Nendo’s response was a set of handles based on the gap in temperatures that can flare up in a relationship between a man and a woman. The handles share the same form, but are painted to feel as if one of them is “frozen”, while the other is “afire”. Ondle combines three emotions: the mental state of peeking into your partner’s heart, the anticipation of opening a door when you don’t know what’s on the other side, and a momentary hesitation as you touch the painted surface. “Ondle” is a combination of the Japanese word “ondo” (“temperature”) and the English word “handle”.

086_ondle_sketchondle-photo01_t ondle-photo02_t