Proteca presentation

sketch / image
  • 2015.11
for ACE

The event venue for the presentation of the proteca suitcase brand full redesign.
Stacking 400 wooden boxes adds an increased sense of dimension to the exhibition space.
The appeal of incorporating wooden boxes stemmed from the fact that they are used in transport and thus travel the world on airplanes and boats, just like suitcases.
Due to the abundant use of wood, a glossy black acrylic applied at strategic locations lends a sense of variation to the space while also affording an impression of superior quality. The wooden boxes are not only used as fixtures for the presentation, but also as stools for seating and as side tables.

proteca_presentation_sketchproteca_presentation01_daici_ano proteca_presentation02_daici_ano proteca_presentation03_daici_ano proteca_presentation04_daici_ano proteca_presentation05_daici_ano proteca_presentation06_daici_ano proteca_presentation07_daici_ano

Collaborator : awn, oni
Photographer : Daici Ano