sketch / image
  • 2020.06

Because the straps and opening of a tote bag are on top, the wearer finds it easy to check the bag’s contents or take things in and out of the bag while the bag remains shouldered. Meanwhile, the straps of a backpack are on the sides so as to fit closely to the wearer’s body, and the combination of the straps’ cushioning and adjustable lengths make backpacks structurally less tiring to carry. A bag was therefore designed in hopes of combining the convenience of both: the sense of a backpack on the go and the ease of packing and unpacking items in a tote bag.

The bag’s warped pentagon shape shifts its center of gravity forward, so the heavier its contents, the more the wearer can handle the bag like a rucksack carried over one shoulder. With the bag slightly tilted back and its opening facing up, its contents can be accessed as readily as from a tote bag. Details and the buckle of  the shoulder strap mimic those found on backpacks as closely as possible. By contrast, the use of canvas, often associated with totes, allows the hybrid nature of the bag to become not only a functional feature but also a visual characteristic.

Collaborator : tom
Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida