spice no.81

sketch / image
  • Tokyo
  • 2005.12

Spice no. 81 is a shop that specializes in clothing and household goods that show a little extra attention to materials and production process. The shop’s approach reminded us of the preparation and hidden flavours that go into Japanese food, so we named it “spice no. 81” (+81 is the international dialing code for Japan). We wanted our design to have the same effect as the hidden flavours in food discernable to the people who notice such things. We decided to suggest natural light and nature by painting the silhouettes of plants on the walls and floors where the shop furnishings cast shadows. The product tags and nametags seem to be all white, but you can read them when you flip them over. The shop’s name is printed on the inside of T-shirts, faintly visible through the front of the shirt. These and other careful touches let customers experience the store’s extra care and hidden flavours.