sketch / image
  • furniture collection
  • 2012.12
for Conde House

A furniture collection designed for Conde House, a manufacturer based in Japan’s famous Asahikawa wooden furniture region. We splintered each piece of wood as though peeling it away. Chairs’ backrests divide to become armrests and legs, and the top of the coat stand peels away to provide coat hooks. The side table’s stand splinter to turn into three legs. We kept larger pieces of wood at their original thickness to provide strength where necessary, and used thin pieces of wood that had splintered off for more delicate parts. We approached the wood gently, going with the grain so that the wood would retain its original pliancy.

300_splinter_sketchsplinter_armchair01splinter_armchair03 splinter_armchair04 splinter_armchair05splinter_armchair02splinter_armchair11 splinter_armchair12 splinter_armchair13splinter_armchair35 splinter_coat_stand01splinter_coat_stand06 splinter_coat_stand07 splinter_coat_stand08 splinter_hanger_rack01 splinter_hanger_rack02splinter_hanger_rack06 splinter_mirror01 splinter_mirror02 splinter_mirror03 splinter_mirror04 splinter_mirror05 splinter_side_table01 splinter_side_table02splinter_side_table10 splinter_side_table11 splinter_side_table12splinter_side_table18splinter_parts

Photographer : Yoneo Kawabe