stone-edge table

sketch / image
for Caesarstone

A set of side tables designed to express the surface strength of Caesarstone, a material made of grained quartz. Rather than ostentatiously using the material for the entire product, we created wooden tables, then protected the tabletop corners and feet – the elements of a table most likely to be damaged – with Caesarstone. The seven different tables vary slightly in size and proportions, and each employ a different type of Caesarstone.

stone-edge_table_sketchstone-edge_table01 stone-edge_table02 stone-edge_table03 stone-edge_table04 stone-edge_table05 stone-edge_table06 stone-edge_table08 stone-edge_table09stone-edge_table19stone-edge_table13 stone-edge_table14 stone-edge_table15 stone-edge_table17stone-edge_table16stone-edge_table23stone-edge_table18stone_garden&stone-edge_table01stone_garden&stone-edge_table03stone_garden&stone-edge_table09

Photographer : Hiroshi Iwasaki (01-16)
Joakim Blockstrom (17-19)