take art collection

  • Tokyo
  • 2005.10
for Spiral Gallery

All of the products on sale at this “art department store” are limited editions available only for the duration of the sale, but the sale also feels like an outlet store whose reasonably priced items are perfect as casual gifts. We wanted to bring out this unusual combination in our graphics and exhibition space, so we used materials like bubble wrap and craft wrap to create a mood like a department store’s outlet. Exhibition stands made out of layered bubble wrap with embedded light sources highlighted each product, but when the event was over, they could be disassembled into sheets of bubble wrap and used as packing materials so that the exhibition didn’t produce any waste. We printed the posters, direct mail, invitations, envelopes and special price tags in the shape of luggage tags on craft wrapping paper. Specific pictograms for each genre of product based on luggage handling symbols suggested the different departments in a department store.


Photographer : Daici Ano