transparent lamp

sketch / image
  • lamp
  • 2011.04
for Milan Design Week

Today, we’re blessed with a variety of sight-protective films for window glass and smartphone screens that prevent unwelcome peeks from neighbours. Our pendant lamp uses a type of protective film that is semi-transparent when viewed directly, and transparent when viewed at an angle. We placed the light source at the centre of the ring of film, creating a lampshade that might be transparent, but mutes the light emitting from its centre through the layer of half-transparency regardless of the angle from which it is viewed. The light hits the film at a right angle, creating the effect of soft light spilling into the space of the room as it passes through the transparent lampshade.

200_transparent_lamp_sketchtransparent_lamp01 transparent_lamp02 transparent_lamp04

Photographer : Masayuki Hayashi