sketch / image
  • 2018.09
for Marui group

A branding project for a specialist retail securities firm that is part of Marui, a retailer group in Japan.

Targeting not only affluent clientele but a wider market, including the younger generation,it specializes on a mutual fund, monthly accumulation scheme.Its appeal is in the easy online application procedure, as well as investments using credit cards which is the first set up in Japan, and seminars in Marui outlets, intended to open the doors for novice investors without adequate financial literacy.

With a view to reduce the inherent anxiety associated with “finance” and “investment”, the investment trust was turned into a physical product, the hypothesis being that the main reason for anxiety was that they are neither visible or tangible products.

The product was therefore formed into a protection charm, inspired by the shape of the Japanese traditional “omamori”, so by wearing it in your everyday life or placing it in your living space creates a natural feeling that your future is protected.

The charms will be displayed in the Marui stores to spark interest and provide opportunities for people who are not familiar with asset management. In other words, the storefront will be used as a touchpoint where consumers may feel the asset management like a fashion item.

Theaccount opening process begins by reading the QR code printed inside the charm. Once the investment activity is initiated, the account status can be checked upon at any point in time using the QR code. Hence the user may constantly feel its presence.

The charm may also be presented as a gift. For example, a grandmother may use it as a communication tool to convey her affections and attitude that she is saving up for her grandchild’s future.

The service was named “tsumiki” which means “building blocks” in Japanese. The word also coveys the meaning “tsumi” (accumulation) and “ki” (affection), to portray the sense of growing the asset incrementally month by month, that it is not only the capital accumulating, but also the “affection” is growing stronger.

Collaborator : kku, shr, mit + mado, onndo
Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida(2-14), Takumi Ota(15-18)