TSUYA skin

sketch / image
  • 2014.11
for shu uemura

TSUYA skin is a collection of skincare products whose purpose is to realize shu uemura’s ideal of ‘smooth, soft and transparent’ skin. We wanted our packaging design to express the product concept, so we adopted a ‘softly rippling surface’. Waves on the inside are expressed on the surface of the bottle, reflecting the idea that beauty comes from within and giving the entire bottle an elegant tension.

TSUYA_sketch TSUYA_skin01_hiroshi_iwasaki TSUYA_skin02_hiroshi_iwasaki TSUYA_skin03_hiroshi_iwasaki TSUYA_skin04_hiroshi_iwasaki TSUYA_skin05_hiroshi_iwasaki TSUYA_skin06_hiroshi_iwasaki TSUYA_skin07_hiroshi_iwasaki TSUYA_skin08_hiroshi_iwasaki TSUYA_skin09_hiroshi_iwasaki TSUYA_skin10_hiroshi_iwasaki

Photographer : Hiroshi Iwasaki