u-note, sa-note

sketch / image
  • 2016.01
for by | n

Two ruled notebooks in which the lines on each page progressively fade toward the bottom of the page until finally disappearing. The unruled, plain white area is perfect for drawing sketches or illustrations. u-note features fewer lines and is geared towards those whose work is driven more by intuition and feeling, while the extra lines in sa-note make it suitable for more logical thinkers. The naming comes from the Japanese pronunciation of ‘right’ and ‘left’, with the amount of space occupied by lines corresponding to a more right-brained (=u-no) or left-brained (=sa-no) style.

u-note_sa-note_sketch u-note_sa-note01_akihiro_yoshida u-note_sa-note02_akihiro_yoshida u-note_sa-note03_akihiro_yoshida u-note_sa-note04_akihiro_yoshida u-note_sa-note05_akihiro_yoshida u-note_sa-note06_akihiro_yoshida u-note_sa-note07_akihiro_yoshida u-note_sa-note08_akihiro_yoshida u-note_sa-note09_akihiro_yoshida u-note_sa-note10_akihiro_yoshida u-note_sa-note11_akihiro_yoshida

Collaborator : hnm, nrs
Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida