sketch / image
  • 2015.10
for shu uemura

The package design for the oil-in-essence product which is part of the ultime8 range―the most premium line of cleansing oil category ―one of the representative items of the cosmetic brand, shu uemura. We designed a simple cylindrical bottle in an orange sepia tone with a dark-colored cap. While we emulated elements of conventional cleansing oil package of ultime8, we also incorporated a unique drape-like shape that looks like a ripple in one part to mirror the lithe movement from the rich flowing oil and depict cashmere-soft, transparent skin. Also, this design features a seamless integration of the cap and bottle, as well as the gradation of sepia and dark colors to represent the blend of various oils; an image inspired by the formula’s characteristic combination of 8 botanical-origin oils and geranium oil.

ultime8_oil_in_essence_sketchultime8_01_akihiro_yoshida ultime8_02_akihiro_yoshida ultime8_03_akihiro_yoshida ultime8_04_akihiro_yoshida ultime8_05_akihiro_yoshida ultime8_06_akihiro_yoshida ultime8_07_akihiro_yoshida ultime8_08_akihiro_yoshida ultime8_09_akihiro_yoshida

Collaborator : fna, tom
Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida