wandering forest

  • Yokohama / Tokyo
  • 2012.3
for Hermes

Window displays designed for the re-opening of the just-renovated Hermes boutiques in Sogo Yokohama and Takashimaya Tokyo department stores. If you look closely at tools placed between the trees, you notice that the pieces actually go through them, and are segmented by them. Tool at the front of the window disappear into the forest, only to reappear, peeking from behind a tree at the back of the display. Figure and ground become indecipherable with solid and cut-out ‘trees’ that might be one or the other, and whose color scheme of white and brown likewise provides no clues. Tool change brightness and hue almost imperceptibly, further warping the vision. The result is a strange sensation in which contradictions and depth suddenly appear to passers-by as their angle of vision changes. This was our own interpretation of Hermes casual, almost tongue-in-cheek playfulness.

wandering_forest_sketchwandering forest01wandering forest09wandering forest13wandering forest12wandering forest10wandering forest11hermes_nt01 hermes_nt02 hermes_nt04 hermes_nt05 hermes_nt06 hermes_nt07

Photographer : Kei Takashima