sketch / image
  • bag
  • 2012.04
for Nava

A bag whose disparate parts are zipped together. The bag is easily customizable, depending on which parts are assembled; customizable elements include the bag’s width, an interior pocket and a notebook PC case. The zipper for each part has a different color, so when the parts are assembled, the zippers are multi-colored, creating further variety and giving each bag a unique palette.

262_zipper_sketchzipper01_hiroshi_iwasaki zipper02_hiroshi_iwasaki zipper03_hiroshi_iwasaki zipper04_hiroshi_iwasaki zipper05_hiroshi_iwasaki zipper06_hiroshi_iwasaki zipper07_hiroshi_iwasaki zipper08_hiroshi_iwasaki zipper09_hiroshi_iwasaki zipper10_hiroshi_iwasaki

Photographer : Hiroshi Iwasaki