After applying a homogeneous coating to the glass, the surface is etched away using a metal brush,
whilst still half dry. Once this procedure is carried out vertically and horizontally, an uneven texture similar to a roughly woven textile emerges. The reason why attention was paid to “half-dry” was that the coating would have blurred if it was wet and would crack and fall off if dry. The texture that evolved was converted into a data format, and was printed onto a glass sheet, which in turn became the top panel for the table. This resulted in a form of expression that was a mixture between homogeneity and inhomogeneity, where a human element was added to something that was industrially coated and then turned into a design that is reproducible industrially. Wood was used for the frame, and its presence can be faintly noticed behind the glass.

for Glas Italia
mor, stv
Kenichi Sonehara