cabinet in the window

  • Milano
  • 2012.04
for Tod's

Window displays for the Tod’s shops at the Galleria and on the Via Spiga in Milan, shown only during this year’s Salone. At its heart, the Salone is a furniture fair, so we created each vitrine as one piece of furniture, made with  Tod’s characteristic leather and mirrored stainless steel. The other common feature was a playfulness with doors and openings. Furnishings were open in places that don’t usually have openings, had doors that once opened revealed only further doors, or had doors that only opened inwards. The products brought out the extraordinariness of the ‘magic doors’, and unleashed this sensation in the vitrines.

286_cabinet_in_the_window_sketchcabinet in the window01 cabinet in the window02 cabinet in the window03 cabinet in the window04 cabinet in the window05 cabinet in the window06 cabinet in the window07 cabinet in the window08cabinet in the window09

Photographer : Joakim Blockstrom