Camper Osaka

sketch / image
  • 2012.05

We decided that the raison d’etre of Camper shoes is neither to help people run more quickly nor to give the wearer recognizable status through ‘bling’, but simply to help people enjoy walking, so designed a shop interior in which the shoes float in the air, and seem to freely stroll around the shop on their own. Products displayed on shelves also seem to float on ‘footprints’ supported by thin pipes that rise from the floor. The angles of the different ‘footprints’ vary slightly from place to place, so the shoes mounted on them appear to be walking in slow motion. In the Osaka store, shoes lined up in shop fixtures seem to take off from the ground.

camper_sketchcamper_Osaka01camper_Osaka05camper_Osaka09 camper_Osaka10camper_Osaka02
camper_Osaka12 camper_Osaka14 camper_Osaka15 camper_Osaka16 camper_Osaka17 camper_Osaka18 camper_Osaka19

Photographer : Masaya Yoshimura