Camper Together with nendo Sunglasses

sketch / image
  • 2014.04
for Camper

A collection of sunglasses designed for Camper, the Spanish footwear manufacturer headquartered in sunny Mallorca. We created the lens shades by layering two differently-coloured lenses which slot into the frame offset from each other, creating a subtle accent through the overlap. The glasses come with three colour sets: brown/grey, blue/gradated black and red/ green. Thanks to the outstanding skill of Inui Lens, a specialist sunglass lens maker with over sixty years of history based in Sabae, Fukui Prefecture, the lenses slide together perfectly with no space between for air bubbles. We designed the sunglasses’ case in Camper’s signature soft leather, and used a glasses temple attached by a cord to the case for the closure. The sunglasses come with a cleaning cloth that imitates the shape of the lenses, for a hidden touch of Camper’s characteristic playfulness.


Camper_Together_with_nendo_Sunglasses04_akihiro_yoshida Camper_Together_with_nendo_Sunglasses05_akihiro_yoshida
Camper_Together_with_nendo_Sunglasses18_akihiro_yoshida Camper_Together_with_nendo_Sunglasses19_akihiro_yoshida

Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida