sketch / image
  • 2018.11
for Sugita Ace

A design for emergency mobile battery with hand generator.
When in disaster, securing power supply for smartphone means having access to basics such as
communication and lighting. A mobile battery could be an effective source of power and this one
was developed to be charged at home and grabbed in case of an emergency, rather than to be
carried all the time.

The charging dock functions as a container for charging phones, glasses or stationaries so that
the mobile battery can be naturally charged in daily life.

For power generation under blackout situation, solar panel and hand cranking were considered
as options but the final design deployed new method that efficiently generates power with only
one hand.

The stick can be pulled out to double its size and bend to L shape, which can be easily swung with
one hand to generate power with centrifugal force.

A lithium battery was positioned on the tip to maximize the centrifugal force, utilizing weight of the
battery as advantage, which tended to be regarded as disadvantage.

Collaborator: product nis / graphic kaw
Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida
Movie : mit