fishline chair

sketch / image
  • chair
  • 2012.10
for Biennale Interieur 2012

We wound fishing line tightly around all the surfaces of a wooden chair to give it a new luster and fine unevenness. The fishing line was dyed before use, allowing it to function like a kind of varnish, bringing the wood grain to life while adding color. The fishline chair is an exploration into ways of finishing wooden surfaces that go beyond the usual applications.

295_fishline_chair_sketchfishline_chair_07fishline_chair_01 fishline_chair04 fishline_chair05 fishline_chair_04fishline_chair_03fishline_chair_08fishline_chair10 fishline_chair_09fishline_chair_12fishline_chair_18 fishline_chair_19 fishline_chair_20 fishline_chair_21fishline_chair16fishline_chair30fishline_chair_13

Photographer : Hiroshi Iwasaki (01-15)